Fire activity in Scandinavia during 1500-1900

Drobyshev I., Niklasson M., Granström, A., Linderholm, H., 2010. Presented at PRIFOR conference, Sundsvall, 2010.

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Reconstruction of regional drought indexes in southern Sweden since 1750 AD

Drobyshev, I.; Seftigen, K.; Niklasson, M.; Linderholm, H. – presented at TRACE meeting, Slovenia 2009

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Multi-proxy reconstruction of precipitation extremes

and its relationship with forest fire activity in southern and central Fennoscandia since AD 1500

Seftigen, K.; Drobyshev, I.;  Niklasson, M.; Linderholm, H. – Presented at Wildfires in boreal forests, Royun-Noranda, Quebec, Canada, 2009

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Climatic influences on growth and decline of oak in southern Sweden

Drobyshev, I.; Sonesson, K. – presented at IUFRO World Confress, Australia, 2005

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Age structure and disturbance patterns in an oak – beech stand in Southern Sweden

Drobyshev, I.; Niklasson, M.; Churski, M. 2008

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